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Russia, Saint Petersburg, Sinopskaya embankment, building 66

Tauride Garden and Palace

22 minutes walk from the hotel

Tauride Garden - a monument of landscape gardening art in the central part of St. Petersburg. Located in a quarter bounded by Kirochnaya, Potemkinskaya, Shpalernaya and Tauride streets. The area of ​​the Tauride Garden is 21.1 hectares.

The name of the garden, as well as the palace and street of the same name, are associated with the name of the Russian state and military figure of the time of Catherine II G. A. Potemkin, who received the title of Prince of Tauride and manor lands (garden and palace) for leading a successful attempt to conquer Crimea for Russia , also known from ancient times under the ancient Greek name Tauris. The Crimean Khanate as a result of the war ceased to threaten Russia. The garden and the palace constituted a single landscape and architectural complex.

The Tauride Palace is the St. Petersburg residence of Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tauride. Built in the style of classicism from 1783 to 1789 according to the project of the architect I.E. Starov.